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Jeannot Experience in Puglia

Back to Brussels after an amazing trip with @jeannotofficial in Puglia! As you might have seen, last week, I went to Italy for three days during which we had a photo shooting (wearing their super stylish shoes, made in Italy), filmed videos and I also have been interviewed!:). Jeannot‘ shoes are super comfy, trendy and good quality. […]

Klorane Press Trip

Read the English version at the end of the post;) De retour à Bruxelles après un super voyage presse avec Klorane, dans le cadre de leur programme « The Botanist »!:) Comme vous aurez pu le voir dans mes Stories, j’ai été invitée pour un voyage de 3 jours en terre Botanique dans le Tarn (France). J’ai pu découvrir les […]

A Summer Look I Wore In Sainte-Maxime

It’s been already one week since I’m back from South of France, more precisely, from Sainte-Maxime! These holidays went by so fast… It was very nice to enjoy this place at the end of the season, less people, pleasant temperatures… and a wonderful light! I have so many memories from all my trips to Sainte-Maxime. […]

Immersion at the heart of Grey Goose

Descendez plus bas pour lire la version française;) Back to Belgium after an amazing press trip in France with Grey Goose! As you might have seen on my Instagram and Stories, I did a three days immersion at the heart of the universe of Grey Goose. Last Monday, I had an appointement at Zaventem airport to fly […]