Press Trips

Jeannot Experience in Puglia

Back to Brussels after an amazing trip with @jeannotofficial in Puglia! As you might have seen, last week, I went to Italy for three days during which we had a photo shooting (wearing their super stylish shoes, made in Italy), filmed videos and I also have been interviewed!:). Jeannot‘ shoes are super comfy, trendy and good quality. […]

Klorane Press Trip

Read the English version at the end of the post;) De retour à Bruxelles après un super voyage presse avec Klorane, dans le cadre de leur programme « The Botanist »!:) Comme vous aurez pu le voir dans mes Stories, j’ai été invitée pour un voyage de 3 jours en terre Botanique dans le Tarn (France). J’ai pu découvrir les […]

Immersion at the heart of Grey Goose

Descendez plus bas pour lire la version française;) Back to Belgium after an amazing press trip in France with Grey Goose! As you might have seen on my Instagram and Stories, I did a three days immersion at the heart of the universe of Grey Goose. Last Monday, I had an appointement at Zaventem airport to fly […]

Domaine Hauts de Ribeauville Treehouses

During my 3 days wine tasting trip in Alsace, where I was invited by CIVA with other bloggers and journalists, I discovered the magical Domaine Hauts de Ribeauville: incredible treehouses and chalets! Under the sun or the snow, I think every season must be fabulous there. Located at the heart of Alsace, nearby Ribeauvillé and […]

Wine tasting in Alsace : Day 2

After a nice first day of wine tasting, our group of Belgian journalists, bloggers and wine merchants headed to the Salon Millésimes Alsace, organized by CIVA. This fair takes place every two years in Colmar. This event is a showcase for the best producers of Alsatian wines. It is the opportunity for the professionals importers,  distributors, the […]