Mercedes-Benz C-Class Break

Hey there!:)
As I shared on my Instagram, I’m enjoying a Mercedes-Benz C-Class Break car for the moment!:D
It’s been already 3 weeks since I picked up the car at Mercedes-Benz Drogenbos.
From the very first minutes, I immediately got used to the car, it’s so ergonomic!
And, in addition to its beautiful design, the car is veeeeeery pleasant to drive, quiet and the seats are super confortable… I just love it!
As I move a lot every day for the blog (photo sessions, press events all over Belgium…), it’s really important for me to have a confortable car:)
To be honest with you, as the car is quite long, I was a little scared at first when I had to park it. But the camera is very precise and so helpful so it’s actually very easy!;)
I also adore the trunk, which is ultra-large, very convenient for me because I always have tons of clothes/deco items and suitcases to carry on whenever I go to take pictures for the blog (almost every day!:D). A must-have also if you are addicted to shopping, the trunck is never big enough for your shopping bags, right?:p

I also tested its comfort during a slightly longer trip last weekend.
Destination? Paris!:D
It was the first time I visited Paris by car and it was really great to re-discover the city driving the Mercedes-Benz Drogenbos<3

Last but not least, the sound of the radio is really great, so important for a music lover like me!;)

I’m not a car person but you don’t need to be to fall in love with the Mercedes-Benz Class-C Break!

Car : Mercedes-Benz*
Sunglasses : Dolce&Gabbana via Zalando*
Heels : Steve Madden
Dress : Zara
Nails : Au Temps Pour Soi

* Collaborations

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  1. Fauve says:

    Amazing post ! I love what you have written about the car 😀 It makes me think about my next one…. maybe a MERCEDES 😀

    You are always so beautiful, continue like this I like to follow you <3

  2. Hasan says:

    Awesome post. Honestly saying, The mercedes you buy is really amazing. And one more thing, your tastes is really great.

  3. Liz says:

    This sounds like an amazing car! I actually thought about getting one a few months ago when i was car shopping!


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