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2-10112016-img_6570-olivia-poncelet-830-blog-zalando« Ma participation aux Zalando Style Icons Belgique // Creative Content Icon »

Some years ago, during my studies of advertising at CAD, I had the opportunity to visit La Maison van Buuren and its beautiful gardens (41, avenue Léo Errera in Bruxelles).
These gardens are composed of a rosarium, a labyrinth and a garden of hearts. René Pechère was a famous garden architect in the 50’s-60’s. Alice van Buuren asked him to create the Cantique des Cantiques labyrinth in her yard.

I kept the originality of the place in memory and I knew I would go back someday to take pictures.

The Zalando Style Icons Belgique // Creative Content Icon contest was the good opportunity to go back and realize a fashion blog post!
The briefing? “Créer un article, une vidéo ou le tout, autour du thème de la mode”. #zalandostyleicons

The weather was really bad these last days, so, I had to take the pics at the last minute, hoping it wasn’t going to rain…

During the shooting for Charline Verbeken (see it here), I really liked the hairstyle made by Pascal Dumont from L’Espace Genêt. For this post, I contacted him and he perfectly realized the bun I had in my mind in only 45 min (thanks again for doing this at 7:30 in the morning :p).

I was wearing a Needle & Thread top and skirt.
Thanks a lot to BeOriginal for offering me these lovely shoes, always fancy and pleasant to wear.
I also love these Linda Farrow sunglasses from Wellington Optique, perfect if you want to get noticed.
And finally, the jewels from Thèmes completed beautifuly my outfit.

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Thanks Daisy for your help on this post!

Top & skirt : Needle & Thread (From Zalando)
Sunglasses : Linda Farrow (From Wellington Optique)
Shoes : BeOriginal
Jewels : I.Ma.Gi.N & Léa Rose (From Thèmes)
Book : Tales of the Peculiar by Ransom Riggs (from Graffiti)

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  1. Cathclaire says:

    Wow, these pictures are so stunning. You are such a beauty! xo

    Cathclaire | The Crystal Press

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