Wine tasting in Alsace : Day 3

1-14062016-IMG_7995-Olivia Poncelet 830 BLOG Alsace Day 3On June 14, it was the last day of our trip in Alsace (see here day one and day two).
After a delicious breakfast at the Mandelberg hotel, we discovered the Grands Crus of Ribeauville.

Ribeauville is a key city of the vineyards of Alsace, situated in the North of Colmar. It is known for its great aging wines.
Three legendary Grands Crus of Ribeauville: Geisberg, Kirchberg and Osterberg.

These vineyards benefit from an annual low rate of rain and fresh winds during nights, which moderate the nocturnal temperature during summer. This allows a slower maturation of the grapes while protecting their sanitary state and at the same time, the aromas and the acidity of wines.

We attented a presentation of the soils of the Grands Crus Geisberg, Kirchberg and Osterberg at the top of the “tour des Bouchers”. We had a magnificent view of the city and the castle Saint-Ulrich. As you can see, it was raining cats and dogs. For my photos, it was not a problem because I like tormented skies which I think are quiet poetic.
Oh and these pretzels… Yummy!

Nine domains were there to present their wines:
Agape, Bott Frères, Cave Coopérative de Ribeauvillé, Henry Fuchs, André Kientzler, Mittnacht Frères, Jean Sipp, Louis Sipp and Trimbach.

2-14062016-IMG_7997-Olivia Poncelet 830 BLOG Alsace Day 3 3-14062016-IMG_7994-Olivia Poncelet 830 BLOG Alsace Day 3 4-14062016-IMG_8010-Olivia Poncelet 830 BLOG Alsace Day 3 5-14062016-IMG_8028-Olivia Poncelet 830 BLOG Alsace Day 3 6-14062016-IMG_8008-Olivia Poncelet 830 BLOG Alsace Day 3 7-14062016-IMG_7983-Olivia Poncelet 830 BLOG Alsace Day 3 8-14062016-IMG_8009-Olivia Poncelet 830 BLOG Alsace Day 3
Afterwards we went to the heights of Kirchberg, where another magnificent view was waiting for us.

Ten great wines, were presented by the wine growers.

All were high quality wines, but my favorite were:
2013 Grand Cru Kirchberg de Ribeauville, Riesling – Bott Frères
2009 Grand Cru Osterberg, Riesling – Louis Sipp
2008 Grand Cru Osterberg, Riesling – Cave Coopérative
2012 Grand Cru Geisberg, Riesling – André Kientzler

9-14062016-IMG_8035-Olivia Poncelet 830 BLOG Alsace Day 3 10-14062016-IMG_8048-Olivia Poncelet 830 BLOG Alsace Day 3 11-14062016-IMG_8085-Olivia Poncelet 830 BLOG Alsace Day 3 12-14062016-IMG_8044-Olivia Poncelet 830 BLOG Alsace Day 3 13-14062016-IMG_8070-Olivia Poncelet 830 BLOG Alsace Day 3 14-14062016-IMG_8029-Olivia Poncelet 830 BLOG Alsace Day 3 15-14062016-IMG_8049-Olivia Poncelet 830 BLOG Alsace Day 3 16-14062016-IMG_8088-Olivia Poncelet 830 BLOG Alsace Day 3 17-14062016-IMG_8076-Olivia Poncelet 830 BLOG Alsace Day 3 18-14062016-IMG_8052-Olivia Poncelet 830 BLOG Alsace Day 3 19-14062016-IMG_8087-Olivia Poncelet 830 BLOG Alsace Day 3
The Bott Frères welcomed us for lunch, before heading back to Belgium.

Once more, thank you so much to CIVA for these 3 days in Alsace. Great encounters, amazing taste experiences and lots of photos for my blog 🙂

The marvelous Domaine Hauts de Ribeauville treehouses will be soon on the blog, stay tuned 🙂

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20-14062016-IMG_8097-Olivia Poncelet 830 BLOG Alsace Day 3

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  1. Ashley says:

    Oooh, yum- the pretzels were a perfect touch!

    Gorgeous photos, lady!

    Le Stylo Rouge

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    Wow those pictures look amazing! It sounds like you had a great time. I want to go wine tasting now! 🙂


  3. Kim says:

    Lovely post, the photography and content are excellent! Alsace looks beautiful, thank you for sharing your experience there.


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    looks amazing!!! 😀

    Have a great day!

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    That’s so cool, love your style!

    Alice Cerea

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    wow!! so wonderful place!!


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    What a dream! Your photos are beautiful!!

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  8. Thanks everyone for your kind comments <3
    I'm so glad you like these pics !!! 😀

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