What’s one color I can’t pass up? Pink. And when it’s combined with sequins… that’s just a match for me!
I love this “Bonjour” sweater and these bonnet, gloves, scarf combo also from Themes. I wore these in Leuven for a breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien (taste their blueberry muffin <3 ). I’m also obsessed with these leather pants from IKKS which are incredibly cozy!

During that breakfast, I was thinking about the many things I want to do and achieve this year. Stay tuned to discover my new projects 😉 Have a nice weekend and… Bonjour 2016 !

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Bonjour sweatshirt : Peacock Blue (Themes)
Leather pants : IKKS
Bonnet, gloves and scarf : Jeff (Themes)
Boots : Massimo Dutti
Bag : Essentiel
Ring : Reminiscence
Sunglasses : Giorgio Armani

1-28122015-IMG_8980-Olivia Poncelet 830 BLOG 2-28122015-IMG_8986-Olivia Poncelet 830 BLOG 3-28122015-IMG_8913-Olivia Poncelet 830 BLOG 4-28122015-IMG_8829-Olivia Poncelet 830 BLOG 5-28122015-IMG_8930-Olivia Poncelet 830 BLOG 6-28122015-IMG_8836-Olivia Poncelet 830 BLOG 7-28122015-IMG_8977-Olivia Poncelet 830 BLOG 9-28122015-IMG_9186-Olivia Poncelet 830 BLOG 10-28122015-IMG_9140-Olivia Poncelet 830 BLOG 11-28122015-IMG_9144-Olivia Poncelet 830 BLOG 12-28122015-IMG_9198-Olivia Poncelet 830 BLOG 13-28122015-IMG_9168-Olivia Poncelet 830 BLOG 14-28122015-IMG_9200-Olivia Poncelet 830 BLOG 15-28122015-IMG_9173-Olivia Poncelet 830 BLOG


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  1. Ahahah I really like your bag and you sweatshirt 🙂 Very nice blog !

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