The Snow Queen

Today, I am the Snow Queen. Fortunatly, the camera captures the moment because I am chattering my theeth like a shark straight from Jaws. And you, are you ready to freeze in the snow to be the prettiest? Aujourd’hui je suis la Reine des Neiges. Heureusement que l’appareil photo fige le moment car je claque […]

Lady Love

Perfume : Chloé Perfume : Dior J’adore Pink Bra : Princesse Tam Tam White Bra : Princesse Tam Tam Pink 60’s Bra : Women’Secret White nightie : Princesse Tam Tam Pink nightie : Princesse Tam Tam Pink dress : Urban Outfitters Bird : Creacorner Petticoat skirt : American Apparel Shoes : Naf Naf Cupboard : […]