Les Roses

My sense of smell is very highly developed. I have hesitated for a long time between studies of nose (Unfortunately, I didn’t wear the white coat well) or of police dog. I can discern and identify the smell of the stubs of cigarettes put out in cold water in 5 metres, the smell of Christmas […]

Pink Paradise

Last night, I was in heaven. Slowly, I open my eyes, tired. Clouds pass before me. I’m lying in a marvellous foam and I have difficulties to get out of it because it is too smooth. Hidden here and there, cupcakes. Chocolate, red velvet, coconut, caramel… I choose the vanilla one. Butterflies swirl, pastel flowers […]


  Today, I traveled in my childhood… And it was amazing. Especially when you can experience the huge size of platform shoes and feel the Buffalo sensation again. Thanks Mom, you’ve let me wear the white ones, like Emma. Exploring my childhood made me feel like a little kid, which is a rare thing when […]