Jeannot Experience in Puglia

Back to Brussels after an amazing trip with @jeannotofficial in Puglia!
As you might have seen, last week, I went to Italy for three days during which we had a photo shooting (wearing their super stylish shoes, made in Italy), filmed videos and I also have been interviewed!:). Jeannot‘ shoes are super comfy, trendy and good quality. I also like how they pay attention to the details, like the cute pompoms on my sandals on the pics below…;)
The whole team was super nice, from the communication agency people, to the stylist, makeup and hair artists, photographers and cameramans, … and I can’t wait to see the final result!
The photo shooting took place in a beautiful greenhouse and the second day, at the hotel were we (the Instagrammers/bloggers) were staying.
I also met @marguga from Spain and @mrs.silvestri , both very nice and so kind!
This trip was sooo cool and I wished it last longer…

Since I started my blog in 2014, it completely changed my life and made me live lots of incredible and unforgettable moments. And I have to say, this trip in Puglia with Jeannot was one of my favorite ones!:)

Grazie mille @jeannotofficial

Shoes : Jeannot Official
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