Sérum Antioxydant Perfecteur – Patyka

Ok girls I have an amazing skin care product to share with you today!
I’m always seeking ways to keep my skin hydrated and looking its best.
And with the repeated exposure to pollution, fatigue, …etc. it speeds up skin ageing.

First of all, I love the packaging (as I showed you in my Insta Stories;)) and the perfume, just an irresistible scent!!<3
So during about one month, I tried the Patyka Sérum Antioxydant Perfecteur.
I used it twice a day, in the morning and at night, over my whole face.

This Sérum Antioxydant Perfecteur from Patyka has so many benefits: it hydrates, softens, reduces the signs of fatigue and ageing, plumps skin, …which is what made me want to share it with you girls! It’s just perfect against everyday aggressors.
I can tell it has made my skin look brighter, much smoother and sooo glowy!B-)

It was the first time I used this brand and I have to admit that I’m totally convinced now (and curious to discover their other products)!

Happy Sunday<3

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Sérum Antioxydant Perfecteur Patyka : Patyka via Mon Vanity Idéal*
Top : H&M


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