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Hello everyone ! 😀
How was your weekend?
My move is almost done, which took me a lot of time these last days/weeks. And it’s a good thing because I need time to work on my new collaboration with Sarenza (and other new exciting collabs), a press event again this next week, photos for the blog (and dance classes of course), so… stay tuned via my Instagram Stories 😉

Last Thurdsay, I went to the event Label Chic x Nuori, to discover their products.
I was happy to go there, a place I already knew via Instagram.
So I arrived there, after crossing a heavy Belgian rain, and was warmly welcomed by the team, in a real well-being bubble.
The decoration is GORGEOUS! I love taking pictures of such beautiful places! And guys, this spot is SO Instagramable 😀

At first (and while drinking a delicious beauty mocktail), Océane Taquoi, the founder, presented me Label Chic, the “Intimate store curating the best of beauty artisans in Brussels”.
Their only purpose : to enhance your natural beauty, naturally.

Then, they presented me Nuori (Scandinavian Beauty), pure and 100% natural skincare products.
A brand I didn’t know yet and had the pleasure to discover and test.
Nuori took the challenge to build a skincare business around fresh, to ensure 100% efficacy and their products are extremely pure, 100% free from artificial preservatives and other synthetic additives.
They only use ingredients of natural origin and when they add actives to their formulations, they only choose naturally occurring compounds, such as vitamins and amino acids.
Some of the ingredients you will find in Nuori’s formulations: Aloe vera, apple fruit water, arginine, white tea extract, avocado oil, grape seed oil, shea butter, vitamin C, vitamin E, … Sounds good, right ?

I love the packaging of their products, their look is so pure and modern.
The scents are also incredible and the textures so pleasant to use!
If you want to discover amazing natural products, go take a look at Label Chic, test their products and experience the freshness of the products in live!

Also enjoyed the delicious rice paper rolls from Knees to Chin. Yummy !

Happy Sunday and thanks for stopping by <3

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Label Chic : Rue Antoine Dansaert, 95, in Brussels


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    Elegant Duchess

    these products sound fantastic. I love that they are natural skincare products and are made to enhance and refresh beauty . I definitely have to check them! xx

    |Elegant Duchess|

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    Glory of the Snow

    These products sound great!

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    it seemed like very nice event, so beautifully decorated! I love to browse and test new skin care products. i keep eyeing on those rolls, were they summer rolls? i often eat them during summer (or sometimes made it at home too). 😀


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    Federica Di Nardo

    I would like to try it!


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    tania Franco

    The store look incredible, and I would visit if I lived close by!


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    I’ve never heard of them but they look amazing. I am so in love with their packaging – so cute!

    Enclothed Cognition

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    sounds like a fabulous event babe!!
    kisses from the sandpit ♡

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    Andreea Birsan

    Their range sounds great and loved the place too! Have a nice day. xx


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    Len Parent

    Sounds amazing, olive! Love them all. Thanks for sharing!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Much love, Len

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    Cs produits ont l’air d’être top! très envie de les essayer . Et l’endroit est trop beau! Magnifiques photos

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    What a gorgeous place, and these products looks really good.

    Jessica |

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    Thanks so much for this tutorial.

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    Thanks gorgeous girl x

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    Moikka Alexa! Pohdimme juuri tätä ystäväni kanssa viikonloppuna. Miten se, että on yrittäjä ei tarkoita että tarvitsisi työskennellä niska limassa jotta olisi varaa elää, vain että työnteko olisi omasta hinnoittelustaan kiinni. Unohdammeko tämän? Minua kiinnostaisi tietää mietitkö sinä tätä kun päätit ottaa lungimmin? Että mietitkö oletko alihinnoitellut itsesi, mikä tarkoittaisi monta työtuntia, mielummin kuin muutama laadukas työtunti. Olen kiinnostunut mielipiteestäsi ja ajatuksestasi varsinkin koska olet nuori ja menestyvä nainen. Me naiset emme yleensä kehtaa pyytää tarpeeksi. Olisi mielenkiintoista kuulla enemmän ajatuksiasi asiasta, jos olet valmis niitä jakamaan kanssamme 🙂 Pahoittelut vielä huono kirjoitettu suomenkieleni, se ei ole vahvin kieleni.

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