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I have a phobia of the hairdressers.
Most of the time, when I ask them to cut 3cm, it becomes 10 and when it’s about changing my color, I’ve rarely been happy of the result.
And, as my hair grows very sloooooowly, it takes centuries to find my initial head back whenever it’s a disaster :p

5 years ago, I had a terrible experience.
The color of my hair was not natural at all and I had to dye my hair back to dark blonde again.
I was so traumatized that I never dared change my color anymore!

So, when I’ve been invited to test a hair salon, I have to admit I hesitated…
Then, I checked out the website of the salon,  Couleur Couleur and had the impression that they were different.

Couleur Couleur, is a hairsalon with a real concept. More than just going to a hairdresser, it’s a real experience!
This salon is dedicated to coloration and hair care, and they pay attention that the color is as natural as possible.
They really listen and understand the client.

After they welcomed me warmly with a cup of tea in a lovely and cosy place, we started with 30 minutes of “Consult & Care”.

The colorist expert looks at your face and body shape, to define which colors and looks fit you the best and gives you some ideas and inspirations.
They also do the scarf test, to determine what’s best for you (according to your face, eyes, color of the skin…) : warm/cold, light/dark, mat or bright etc.

At the end of the test, they show you a palette of colors which fits the best with your skin and body shape.

Conclusion : I’m a summer woman (which is totally me! 😀 ) Pastel colors, cold tones, … I really recognized myself in their description.
I’ve learned a lot of interesting things about me, which I will use for sure for my daily life and my blog! 😉

I wanted to add some light to my hair and really wanted it to be natural.
Result : It was EXACTLY the idea I had in my mind.
To finish it perfectly, I asked for a wavy brushing, and again, I wasn’t disappointed. They realized the hairstyle I wanted and saw on Pinterest.

I really recommend you this salon (plus, the staff is adorable, what a pleasure!).

If you want to discover more, they shared a short video on their website 😉
Happy weekend!!!

Thank you Couleur Couleur & Agence Cinna for my new hairstyle!

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Top : Zara
Jacket : Ralph Lauren
Jean : Levi’s

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