Capoue Christmas Cake

Christmas is a week away and I was very happy to receive a delicious ice cream cake from Capoue.

I chose the “Pralin” one : vanilla-praline flavor, feuilletine, covered by nougatine.
Their other delightful cakes are : Petit Belge, Brésilienne, Salted Caramel, Lady Framboise, Moulin Rouge, Panier Gourmand, …
Moreover, you can add tasty sauces of your choice : strawberry, raspberry, caramel, chocolate and salted butter caramel.
Find Capoue in Boitsfort, Ixelles, Flagey, Woluwé, … and many other places!

Thank you very much Capoue & Top Secret Communication for this delicious cake! It was really nice to have a sneak preview of Christmas!

Thank you Daisy, for the fine decoration 😀

Happy holidays everyone!

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    Lovely pictures! Lovely blog in general! 🙂


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      Ooooh thank you so much Carmelatte for your kind comment 🙂
      Have a good weekend!

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