Nastasya, Renaud, Brune & Olga

Focus on a family today!
A few days ago, I shot a walk in the forest with Nastasya, Renaud, Brune and Olga. Their shooting was filled with huge smiles and a ton of love. To be honest with you, I envied Olga’s bear fleece coat… I am delighted to share these pics with you!

15112015-IMG_5761-Olivia Poncelet 830 15112015-IMG_5781-Olivia Poncelet 830 15112015-IMG_5791-Olivia Poncelet 830 15112015-IMG_5792-Olivia Poncelet 83015112015-IMG_5766-Olivia Poncelet 83015112015-IMG_5796-Olivia Poncelet 830 15112015-IMG_5785-Olivia Poncelet 830 15112015-IMG_5809-Olivia Poncelet 83015112015-IMG_5818-Olivia Poncelet 830 15112015-IMG_5814-Olivia Poncelet 830 15112015-IMG_5860-Olivia Poncelet 830 15112015-IMG_5876-Olivia Poncelet 83015112015-IMG_5853-Olivia Poncelet 830 15112015-IMG_5878-Olivia Poncelet 83015112015-IMG_5771-Olivia Poncelet 830 15112015-IMG_5934-Olivia Poncelet 83015112015-IMG_5879-Olivia Poncelet 83015112015-IMG_5997-Olivia Poncelet 83015112015-IMG_5967-Olivia Poncelet 83015112015-IMG_5895-Olivia Poncelet 830 15112015-IMG_5962-Olivia Poncelet 83015112015-IMG_5949-Olivia Poncelet 830

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