Olivia, Luis & Luca

Sharing some love with you today!
I had so much fun shooting with Olivia, Luis and Luca in Lasne a few days ago! Everyone was out enjoying the warm day and the setting was perfect! Here are a few of my favorite images from their family session. Love love love.

31102015-IMG_5359-Olivia Poncelet 83031102015-IMG_5371-Olivia Poncelet 83031102015-IMG_5386-Olivia Poncelet 83031102015-IMG_5370-Olivia Poncelet 83031102015-IMG_5402-Olivia Poncelet 83031102015-IMG_5447-Olivia Poncelet 83031102015-IMG_5433-Modifier-Olivia Poncelet 83031102015-IMG_5491-Olivia Poncelet 83031102015-IMG_5503-Olivia Poncelet 83031102015-IMG_5515-Olivia Poncelet 83031102015-IMG_5462-Modifier-Olivia Poncelet 83031102015-IMG_5534-Olivia Poncelet 83031102015-IMG_5648-Olivia Poncelet 83031102015-IMG_5536-Olivia Poncelet 83031102015-IMG_5646-Olivia Poncelet 83031102015-IMG_5633-Olivia Poncelet 83031102015-IMG_5606-Olivia Poncelet 83031102015-IMG_5640-Olivia Poncelet 830

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