5,000 likes on my Facebook page, can’t believe it!!!
I started my blog already one year and a half ago. Wow, how time goes by so fast! Thank you so much, you will never know how much your support means to me and how it keeps me motivated everyday. I wanted to do a shoot for this post with some of my favorite things: macarons, fresh flowers, champagne and lots of pink! Cheers!

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Macarons : Paul
Golden ribbon : Creacorner
Flowers : Rosewood Waterloo

Thank you Daisy for your help on decoration

 1-IMG_5167-Olivia Poncelet 830 2-IMG_5180-Olivia Poncelet 830 3-IMG_5230-Olivia Poncelet 830 4-IMG_5192-Olivia Poncelet 830 5-IMG_5233-Olivia Poncelet 830 6-IMG_5292-Olivia Poncelet 8307-IMG_5269- Olivia Poncelet 830 macarons


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