Sonnfjord Clip : Behind the scenes

September 22, 2015

As you maybe already know, I’m also a dance lover. Yesterday, I spent the whole day wearing a black mask and a unitard. I had the pleasure to be part of an amazing project and to dance for Sonnfjord‘s new video clip, called “Fever”. It was directed by Brice VDH and written by Maria-Laetitia Mattern (singer of the group). Isabelle Vanden Broeck, the other dancer, was my twin. Here are a few “behind the scenes” pictures I took while I wasn’t dancing. It was such an exciting experience, can’t wait to see the result!

Find out Sonnfjord website, Facebook page and Youtube channel.
Members: Maria-Laetitia Mattern (vocals and guitar), François de Moffarts (vocals and bass), Aurelio Mattern (keyboards), Fabio Zamagni (drums), Jérôme Van Den Bril (guitar).

21092015-IMG_3438-Olivia Poncelet 830 Sonnjford21092015-IMG_3464-Olivia Poncelet 830 Sonnjford 21092015-IMG_3453-Olivia Poncelet 830 Sonnjford 21092015-IMG_3462-Olivia Poncelet 830 Sonnjford21092015-IMG_3488-Olivia Poncelet 830 Sonnjford 21092015-IMG_3466-Olivia Poncelet 830 Sonnjford 21092015-IMG_3479-Olivia Poncelet 830 Sonnjford21092015-IMG_3468-Olivia Poncelet 830 Sonnjford


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  • Caroline

    Can’t wait to see the video clip! Congrats :-)
    xoxoxo Caro